Photos’ day!

ImageYou can find my previous posts in my last blog:

From now on I want to write this blog in English so I can prepare myself for the English exams I will have to take next year. I hope everybody understands it and that more international people can read it.

Yesterday, just after I published the blog, I started to hear some noise from the corridor, so I went out to see what was going on and I found out that a lot of people in this project were from AIESEC, so they were dancing AIESEC Roll Calls! It was so funJ.  Then we tried to do some drinking games, but a lot of girls from other countries were not that comfortable with the games so we just laughed and ended up not playing at all. When I was getting to bed and I was taking a pill I just realized that the girl from Indonesia that is in the same room as me didn’t know about any birth control method besides condoms! She was very interested in learning about the birth control pill and other methods… But even more shocking was that she had never seen a tampon, just in magazines! So, Haley (from the USA) and I spent some time showing her how it works. Funny moment!

Today we went out to take pictures with our flags and some signs promoting the global village that we will be having next week. I took mine with the only girl from Spain, Marina, and we wrote on the sign “Come to global village and discovered the differences between Portugal and Spain”. Then we all went to the City Center and I was in love with one street that had a lot of places to buy ice cream! Good and homemade ice cream! Two scoops were just 6 lei that is 1.5 euros more or less. I went to a Chinese restaurant with other 11 girls. It was really funny because some of them were from Taiwan and they have similar food, so they could explain a lot of new orders.  

The photo I chose for today is very interesting because it is a photo of a McDonalds in a very old building. So you have modernity in Romania, but you still have a lot of poverty and bad conditions… I see a lot of street dogs. They do not look dangerous but they are not cute either. The city hall just tags them in the ear so they can control if they are healthy and unable to have puppies.

Today we are going to see the night life in Timisoara. I hope I don’t have to spend much money! But I’m sure it will be fun 😉 I just need to find Red Bull and I’m good to go!


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