Timisoara cocktail

romenia21First of all, I’m really sorry that I didn’t have time to write in the blog yesterday! It was for a good reason: I spent all day out and I returned at 3 a.m. from the club.

The AIESEC team had a good day prepared for us. We all get together and had a city tour. First we went to the beer factory: Timisoreana beer. As my friends know, I hate the taste of beer, but I had to try one. Problem: the smallest one was half a liter! It was awful but I guess that is my fault and not the beer’s fault… Secondly we saw one church and some parks. They were amazing! It is really strange because we can see so much poverty and then the most beautiful park. At last, we had the meeting with the organizations we are going to work with and I will be working with the West University of Timisoara. That is not bad but I would have liked to work with NGOs of Sports Organizations.

Then, we went to a restaurant to have dinner, we had an ice cream (I’m going crazy with the ice-creams! They are so delicious and so cheap!), and in the end of the day we went to a pub called “Bunker”. It was reserved for us, so there were only trainees from AIESEC and some AIESEC members. It was a crazy party! I think it is so funny because although we were from different countries, we all dance the same and we all enjoyed the same music. Of course we could see one or two “love birds” in the club, but must of us were just making the best out of the night, dancing until our feet started to hurt so bad we had to stop.

Today some of us went to pool and other went to the mall. Of course I preferred the pool… It was just amazing! I had a blast. In the other day I wrote that a lot of girls from Romania do topless, but what I didn’t say was that most of the guys wear speedos instead of shorts! It is really different from what I am used to in Portugal.

I am much more open minded now about other religions. I spent hours talking to a girl from Egypt that is fasting and she is so different from what I imagined. She doesn’t wear anything in her face, she studies Political Sciences, she doesn’t care about boys and she is very focus on her career. I just love to be able to get to know this amazing people. I’m also getting along really well with a girl from Spain, which is also new for me because I don’t usually like Spanish people!

We are going to an AIESEC conference tomorrow, so I have to pack now and I will not have internet until Monday, so then I will write all the news about the conference 😉


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