Suncuius what?


Ufffff! These days have been pure crazyness!

First we had the conference, LMS. The train trip was horrible! Six hours in pure hell. I cannot imagine a hotter place on earth, and I had to stay still there for almost 6 hours, just melting. But it was nice to talk with people from other countries. I learned about the military service in Ukraine and about how Polish people see the control of Russia over their power needs (Gas).  Ah, and I also saw a wonderful sunset!

When we arrived we were so happy! The accommodation in Suncuius was way better than the one in Timisoara.  The sessions were nice, most of then I had already had in other AIESEC conferences but it was nice to get to know my team and the institution that I will work for. I changed my workplace with a Chinese girl that didn’t know anything about football, so now I will be working for the football team of the University of Timisoara (aka I will be doing communication, which is what I love, and I will be meeting the hot football players). I was also elected the Team Leader of my team, so I will have more responsibility. I will be working with an Italian boy and four girls, one from Russia, one from Indonesia and other from Ukraine. The parties were not that nice, most of the trainees are not AIESECers and there were some conflicts of interest about the music.

Today it was my first day back in Timisoara and we all went to do our laundry and we went shopping in the mall. It was a strange feeling of home, I had lunch in Subway, a snack in Starbucks and we shopped in Zara, H&M and NewYorker. It is funny to notice that the things that remind me home are not really Portuguese.  Then we went to do some workshops about handmade stuff so we can sell it in the Global Village and raise money for the orphanage.

I will keep in touch!


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