Revolution and tears


Yesterday was a very sentimental day for me. We went to the 1989 Revolution Museum in Timisoara, which is not really a museum but more like an organization. In the garden there was a little part of the Berlin Wall (in the picture). For the ones that know me, you should know that my dream trip is to Berlin because I would like to see the Berlin Wall and some museums. But I actually had already been with a little piece of it in Brussels, and now I can say that I was with it again in Timisoara. I was so happy! My dream is coming true in little pieces 😉

The museum is just in a small house, but they have a good collection of newspapers (national and internationals) about the revolution. We all watched a video about the fall of Ceausescus, the Communist dictator in Romania. The revolution started in Timisoara because here people could listen to the radio news of other countries and they found out about the fall of the Berlin Wall. I think that what made people react and start fighting were the martyrs. I really liked the movie.

After the movie we asked our guide, a nice sir that was 74 years old but that was speaking perfect English, if he was there in the Revolution. His answer was so unexpected: “Yes, I was young lady. In fact, I have two bullet holes in my leg. But now, that I’m 74 years old I have a new life, my life is all about not letting people forget.” Most of us just started letting small tears fall. We didn’t have to pay to see the museum but we all donated some money.

When we were leaving the museum I just went to the man and said “I will not forget”. Most emotional moment ever! Then we went to have a healthy lunch in a vegetarian restaurant. It was nice to eat healthy food!

Tomorrow we will have the Global Village and I hope that my presence will be good enough to represent Portugal!


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