Lost in the city


The last two days couldn’t be more different. On Thursday we had the Global Village event. What is that? The Global Village is the event where all the internationals can show a little bit of their own culture. I only had some Portuguese newspapers, flags, a CD of Fado and a kind of pen to paint the Portuguese colors on people’s face. Some countries had prepared their traditional dancing and I loved to see the dance of Greece and Pakistan. Then we all dance Tunak Tunak, an AIESEC roll call.

This Global Village was special and we even did a water fight and there were some concerts of local bands and singers. I could not have asked for a better experience. At night some of us went to a party, but most of the trainees had a morning train to Serbia so the party was not that fun…

Yesterday I had an appointment in a cosmetic shop in the city center. I went alone and in my way there my sandals broke and I had to buy a new ones. I just hate the thought of spending money in shoes. Having an appointment really makes you feel at home, because it is the compromise that you are going to stay there in the next day. In the afternoon I get lost in the city. I just love the feeling of being lost in a new city. Of course I had a map, but I tried my best to not use it. Actually I was in the children’s park (photo) just about to ask someone for directions when I found a guy from AIESEC. He was reading and drawing and I was also reading, so we kept each other company for some hours. He made a draw of my name and taught me a bit of graphic design. At the end of the day I had a skype chat with one of my best friends and then I just realized how much I miss him! It’s really hard to know that live continues in Portugal without me!

Today I’m going to a football match and I will be supporting the team for whom I will be working for the next weeks. I hope they win 😉


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