“Ai, se te pego! Ai, ai, se te pego!”


These days were full of excitement!

At Saturday evening, I went to a football match of the team I will be working for. The environment was very different from the one I’m used to. No one was angry at the referee or screaming at the players… just nice people cheering for their team. When I came back for the dorms a Italian girl was sick because of the sun and, because of the fever, she was only speaking Italian. Most of the guys spent the weekend in Serbia, so there was no one there to speak Italian with her. I was the only one that could understand a bit of Italian; therefore I had to stay by her side one hour or so to help them with the medical care. Then I went out with some friends!

On Sunday we went to a beautiful garden full of roses (I heard that it is even prettier in the spring) to watch a concert. I didn’t know, but the band that was going to play there is a Brazilian band. Imagine my face when I realized I was the only one in the audience that could actually understand what they were saying! Actually I also met there a Romanian couple friends of a AIESECer that lived in Portugal for some years, so they also knew Portuguese and it was very nice to have a little chat with them.

I was going to start my work in my entity (the football team) on Monday, but the coordinator asked us to only meet on Tuesday. She gave us our task for this week, so on Monday I had a lunch-meeting with my team and we started working. The task is a kind of “where do we stand” of the football team, so we need to look for its history, fan base… This task would not be so hard, but every single website about it is in Romanian, so it is not that easy! In the afternoon I went to a coffee shop with a girl from Poland, Magda. I really love to spend time with her! She is also an AIESECer and I feel she has the same doubts and questions that I have. I’m glad to find someone that also enjoys to spent time just chilling and talking with a coffee in our hands… girls’ time! At night I went for a run and I stayed awake because I wanted to sing happy birthday to my mom at midnight in Portugal, which is two in the morning here!

Today, I finally meet the coordinators of the Football and Rugby team and they were just amazing! We met in a bar, in a very informal place, they asked for beers and all the conversation was very relaxed and in a good mood! We will see a rugby game next Saturday and I can’t wait for it!!

I’m sorry for the long post!


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