In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a workaholic. I couldn’t wait to start working in my organization. We started working on Wednesday, in a small room in the West University of Timisoara. The room is ok, and it has wi-fi, but it didn’t have enough plug-ins for our laptops… I went with Razvan (the AIESEC member responsible for my team) to the Informatics’ department in the University and it was an adventure. The good side was that they could speak in English; the bad side was that they spent twenty minutes yelling at each other in Romanian… I soon realized that it was not a reason to be afraid, Razvan told me that they always talk very loud because they spend most of their time just “talking” to computers, so when they speak with other human beings of the “outside world” they get excited and they like to show their geek-power.

My team is working just fine. Some of the girls are not so happy to work with a football team, but I will try to give them some work with which they can relate to. Today I woke up with a small infection in my left eye: a sty. I couldn’t open my eye and my hair was all over the place, I looked like Quasimodo! I went to the pharmacy to buy some cream, but the lady that was there told me that I had to go to the doctor and she tried to sell me 2 or 3 creams and pills. Yeah right! I hate when people think I’m just a “stupid foreigner girl” and that they can rob me. Yesterday was the last day of fasting for my Muslim friends so I wait until 21h to have dinner with them. I always enjoy our conversations about religion, at the end of the day we all share almost the same values regardless our religion. It has more to do with our character as a person and not with the name of our god.

I miss some friends back in Portugal, but I know that I will miss a lot my new friends of this project. I don’t know if I should get happy or sad that three weeks have already passed!


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