Crazy Timisoara is Crazy!


I had always had a busy life, but never a crazy one. Well, at least they were not as crazy as these last weeks in Romania.

On Friday it was James’ birthday. James is a guy from England. Actually he was living in Australia before he came here, so he likes to say he is half English, half Australian. At midnight I was the first crazy person running towards him to hug him and wish him a happy birthday! However, during the day he had a lot of other surprises. I felt really happy for him because he is a really nice guy but I think he was a little bit sad that he couldn’t spend his birthday with his girlfriend. She lives in Australia and they will only see each other again in January. It may sound like a sad story although I can tell that they really love each other. At night we all went to a roof party and that was a disaster! The music was not good at all and Rawan, one girl from Egypt, lost one of her toe nails because one brick just fell on it! Well, that was just the first incident of a series of disasters that were to come.

On Saturday morning I went to a rugby game with the team from Rebranders (the AIESEC project) that is responsible for the communication of the rugby team. The game was amazing! I used to play rugby in my gym classes back in high school, but I had never seen a real professional game. We actually could hear the colliding sounds of the players’ bodies when tackling each other. Good news: Timisoara team won!! In the end of the game I had the chance of talking to the coach and some players. They were really nice and they really want to have the youth playing rugby because they believe that it is a good game to raise some values.

In the afternoon everything got complicated. A girl from England went to the hospital because of a bad reaction to the heat. Moreover, my roommate from Turkey, Funja, just collapsed on the ground. She passed out for at least 10 minutes. She had already vomited and had a stomachache. I had to go with her to the hospital and I spent all afternoon there. The doctors were saying that it could be appendicitis, but it ended up being food-poising. The hospital in Timisoara was terrible! The bathrooms didn’t have water so I couldn’t even wash my hands, there was coffee spilled all over the floor and it looked like no one has cleaned the place for weeks. Well, everything ended up being just fine and Funja is much better today, However, today I have a flu and I believe I got it because of the hospitalL.

Tomorrow, a new week begins and I hope that there won’t be any more tours to the hospital!


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