Food? Food, food, FOOD!!

2013-08-12 22

These past three days were food-orientated. I will explain, on Monday I went to a Mexican Restaurant for the first time and on Tuesday it was AIESEC International Cooking Night!

To be honest I’m making these two events sound much better than they actually were… The Mexican food was not that good, and I hope that it was just a bad restaurant (although very expensive) because I really thought I would like Mexican food. The meal started with a free shot of tequila, which sounds exciting but I had nothing in my stomach so I decided to just drink half of it. I didn’t want to start my Mexican meal throwing up! Then I ordered tacos. What is more Mexican than tacos? But what I thought would be a meal with a lot of flavor didn’t taste like anything special… Well, I hope my next experience in a Mexican restaurant will be better!

The AIESEC International Cooking Night was yesterday and in this event every country should have prepared some traditional food. But I had a meeting with the entity I’m working for so I just helped my Spanish friend, Marina, cook tortillas, gazpacho and sangria. It was a fun experience because we didn’t have the right kitchen tools to mix the vegetables in the gazpacho, so we had to be very inventive and at the end of it the kitchen was a bathtub of tomato! Of course we cleaned it but the guys that were cooking at the same time had a good laugh at us.

My work for the football team has been interesting but actually we can’t do much now because our target is the students and they are not here. So I decided to help the rugby team that is preparing an event! I hope I can help both teams and learn a lot from this experience. It is hard to do marketing in a foreign country because we don’t know anyone, we don’t have media contacts, we don’t know the protocols to do partnerships, and we have to translate all the materials… I never thought it would be so hard. Something that in Lisbon would take me one week and I would do it just fine, here it takes me two or three weeks and it is not as good.

Tomorrow is a national holiday so I think I will take the day off and walk around the city!


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