Rock night and Ducky days


I have been too busy living to write about what I was living. These last days were amazing!

After writing my last post, I went out with a small group: 2 Greek guys (Dimitris and George), Marina from Spain, Layla from Egypt and Haley from the USA. First we went to a Reggae Pub, a fun experience, and then to a thematic small disco. The theme of that night was Rock and I was really afraid of being killed by somebody’s head, because there were people shaking their hair like it was on fire.Thursday was a more quite day and I decided to work a bit, even though it was a holiday. But on Friday everything happened! The day started with a Brunch, never had I had a brunch in my life. Of course I was with Enya, from the UK, Haley and Marina. Then we decided to rent a small pedal boat to cycle down the river.  In the middle of our trip, some guys, also in a pedal boat, started to crash their boat into ours. It was a very creepy moment! Besides that problem, the trip was very nice. In the evening the football team I’m working for played at home for the first time this season, so we all went to see the game and support ASU Poli Timisoara! Our team won the match and the supporters were very enthusiastic! To end the perfect day in a more emotional way, Marina and I decided to watch “Les Miserables” together. We cried so much! And because we were in the AIESEC office, which we use as living room, everybody started laughing at us and there are even pictures! I hope they won’t end up on-line because they were really ridiculous!

Yesterday I went to a small party in the country side, near Timisoara. The party was organized by the Plai Festival team and I loved the place. The Plai Festival is a Music/Cultural Festival in Timisoara. They have singers from all over the world, and Marisa (a Portuguese singer of Fado) sang here last year! I’m just sad that it is in September, when I’m already gone…

Today I’m organizing my trip next weekend to Bucharest with Marina. It is going to be so nice!


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