The everybody syndrome


Living with almost 60 people is not easy, especially in a society with the “everybody syndrome”. What is that?

When I arrived, we all wanted to get to know each other. In the first week, AIESEC organized a lot of activities for all the interns, so it was normal for us to be all together, all the time. But I can’t understand why, after five weeks of living together, in the same corridor, in the same rooms, working together, having meals together, everybody still needs to be with everybody.

I have noticed that if I’m in the living room alone, or if we are just a few, everyone that comes in asks “Where is everybody?”. I’m not exaggerating… this is the question I answered more than five time in just one hour. Then, they usually ask: “Why are you alone? Is everything ok?”. As if being alone is a symptom of a disease! If I would be alone in my room or in any other private place it would be ok, because I would not be exposing my “loneliness” to others. But being alone in a public space, just because no one wants to be there as well, it is a matter of concern!

Then, another symptom of the “everybody syndrome” is the “waiting of everybody”. Whenever we go out with a plan, and the plan is completed, instead of creating small groups and disperse, we stay in the same place for one hour waiting to see what “everyone is going to do next”. People are just afraid of not waiting enough and end up losing the “everybody plan” that can turn up being amazing. We all end up going home in small groups or going to have beer also in small groups, but the “waiting to see what is everybody going to do” part is very important! Result: Everybody is waiting to see what everybody is going to do.

It is very common to see my roommates going out of the room just to see “what is everybody doing”, just in case they are missing something amazing. I can understand that it is important to be sociable, but is also important to be alone or to be the “everybody” now and then. If I want to have dinner in a place, I will be the “everybody” going there, me and whoever wants to join me. Sometimes that is what makes you a leader, the “everybody” that “everybody” follows.



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