Home, strange home.


I’m home, whatever that means.

I realized I was in Portugal when, still in the airport, I heard a couple talking with “cascais” accent. Cascais is a city in Portugal and usually is called “Cascais accent” to a very fancy and almost snob way of talking. Of course not all the people that live in Cascais talk like this, but it is a common expression.

My father let my dog go to meet me in the “arrivals” door and a lot of people stopped hugging their loved ones just to see my dog running in a crazy way when he saw me. It was a show. When finally I got the chance to hug my parents they immediately said that I needed a shower. After hours in a horrible flight and running around the Munich airport because I was about to lose my connection flight, I guess they had good reasons to complain.

Having a shower in my own bathroom was like being in heaven. I didn’t need to look out for the cockroaches and I had a clean towel waiting for me! After my shower I decided to meet my friends from my political party so I could start helping them with the campaign for the next election, this month. My mother tried to stop me: “You have just arrived, don’t even think of going out!”. Oh god, how I missed my mother! I thought that what would be stranger about moving in with my parents again would be the parents’ control, but actually they don’t control me that much. The strangest thing is the emotional control: Sofia, come and give you mom a kiss; sofia, you never spend any time with us; Sofia, how I missed your hugs… I’m no longer used to have someone that really cares about me around. In the Romania, I could spend hours in my room without having to hug or kiss someone, or without thinking how many hours a day I should spend with my parents…

I’m complaining as an ungrateful child, I know. The truth is that I love my parents, but I’m also a 20 years old girl trying to prove how grown up I am, so hug and kisses may be in the way of my independent-bad-ass-attitude. However (and please don’t tell anyone, specially my parents) when I didn’t have them, I actually miss it!

I don’t know if I will keep on writing in this blog because my experience is “over”, but maybe, if I find inspiration, I will write about something else!


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