Sevilla de mi corazón (part I)


Why Sevilla? Because of Marina! Marina is the Spanish girl I met in my internship in Timisoara, Romania. We became very good friends so I promised her that I would visit her in Sevilla in October.
I can’t imagine how Sevilla is without Marina, but Sevilla with Marina is great! I arrived on Thursday, at night, and now, on Sunday, I’m in the bus going home. I have to tell you about the great places I have visited.
As soon as I arrived to Estación del Prado, Marina took me to a restaurant in Puerta Jerez to have dinner with her best friends Ana and Elena. Of course we had tapas! It was nice to be able to understand Spanish, although I would always speak in English. After dinner we decided to go to a pub so we cross Puente de San Telmo and we end up in Calle Betis (“calle” means street) in a pub called Alambique. We had sangria (a typical drink) and Elena’s boyfriend, Alberto, joined us. The fact that her boyfriend was with us turned out to be funny because a girl came to our table and said to Elena “One of my friends (a random guy) wants to meet you”, “Oh, I’m sorry but I’m here with my boyfriend”. Her boyfriend immediately said “Oh, who is the guy? I want to meet him” with a very manly attitude. It looked like a scene out of a movie!
On Friday I decided to send a postcard to my parents, although I will arrive home before the postcard, so we went to Avenida de la Constitución. Of course Marina showed me the Catedral de Sevilla and la Giralda, a huge tower from where I could see the city. The cathedral is huge; it is very high and makes us feel really small. The view from Giralda was amazing, the houses in the center of Sevilla are small (3 floors) and white so it has a nice visual effect from above. We had lunch in an Italian restaurant (I know it makes no sense!) called Pomodoro with Tomás, a friend of Marina. He had spent the last year in Germany so he also had interesting stories about his experience abroad. In the afternoon the three of us went to Plaza Nueva and Plaza San Francisco. They also showed me Calla Sierpes and Las Setas. Las Setas is a very big structure from where we can see the all city, but it is not as high as La Giralda so it gives you a different perspective of the buildings. I asked them what was the point of building that structure besides the city view but they didn’t know any other use for it.
Marina got the news that she had been accepted in a new work place so she was excited about me being there and the fact that she just got a job. Celebration was a demand! An amazing night was planned for us…
To be continued


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