Sevilla de mi corazón (Part III)


After a crazy night, on Saturday we spent all morning in bed, but it was nice because then Marina and one of her brothers, Mario, prepared a delicious lunch: Salmorejo (like Gaspacho but a bit different) and Pollo con Salsa de tomate. For desert,” Pastéis de Nata” that I had gave them (a traditional small cake from Portugal).

In the afternoon Marina took me to Jardines de Murillo, beautiful gardens near the prado area. The next step was Barrio de Santa Cruz. Barrio de Santa Cruz is a lovely neighborhood in the city center. The streets have no cars and they are there is almost no space between buildings in each side of the street. Once you get into the neighborhood is impossible to not get lost, but the feeling is amazing. We tried to go to Alcazar, but it was closed, so we went to Parque Maria Luisa. It is a wonderful park, and it is so big that we easily can forget that we are in the middle of the city. It has fountains for lovers and playgrounds for kids. The garden is right in front of the Plaza de Espanã. I really loved that place, the Plaza is huge and it has an old vibe to it. In there you can find chairs with every town in Spain so people can take pictures “in that” cities.

But I still had big event to attend. I still had to go to Festival de las Naciones! This festival is a place where we can find a representation of different countries, which country had a “tend” that could be used in different ways: as stores with clothes or bars and restaurants with typical food. Of course than Marina and I went to the French tend to eat a delicious “Crêpe au chocolat”.

After this amazing day we decided to stay at home in the night. Marina decided that I should see the movie “L’auberge espagnole”. It was great movie. I strongly recommend everyone to see it, especially young people that like to travel and hope to live in another country for some time in their lives.

My time in Sevilla had come to an end. I really have to thanks Marina’s family for everything, especially her brother, Mario, for the lunch and the good mood. And, of course, I have to thanks Marina, I love her as my sister and I know that this was not a goodbye, but a “See you later! In Lisbon next time!”.


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