My inner Grinch



Too soon? Maybe… But Christmas is already making me crazy, so it is the right time to write about it, I guess.

As a child, I would spend all year thinking about Christmas. What would I ask for? What would be my next move to see Santa in my house? I would dream about my grandmother’s cookies and tea. But I can now admit that my relationship with Christmas was never as romantic as it should be. I would get crazy about the thought that my sister’s present would be better than mine, about how many people would give me presents (quantity was away better than quality) and that the “I want to meet Santa” idea was more about telling my friends that I finally had some proof that it was my father in the red costume. The only true love I had about Christmas was the love for cookies and tea… but I love those all year long.

As I grew older, my relationship with Christmas was getting better. I started only asking for money, so I could save it or use it to travel. I already had some strong evidence that Santa was my father all along, and I had my own money to buy cookies and tea anytime. But now, I’m getting really cynical about it. I used to like to drive around the town just watching the Christmas’ illuminations, but now the only thing I can think about is the amount of money that the city hall is spending on that. Choosing the present was a nice part of the experience, but now the stores all scream “Come inside! Spend all of your savings here! I can help you accumulate more debts…”.  Maybe if there was snow in Lisbon I would appreciate Christmas a bit more. It would help me get in the right mood. But Lisbon in December only has rain to offer me. No thank you!

I hope I’m not ruining Christmas for you, I know that it can have a beautiful meaning for a lot of people. It can mean family time, which is a meaning I would never dare to criticize. If that’s what Christmas means to you, I envy you and I would like to ask you to share your Christmas spirit with me!



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