the amazing life of… a trainee!


In the last months I’ve been working in a research centre for political sciences called Observatório Político (OP). I really like my work there. I’ve been closing some partnerships and I even like the more bureaucratic work like the accreditation of the courses and the institutional contacts. They really make me feel useful and that my work is appreciated. I also like the educational aspect of it, every time I could do something better they let me know so I can improve, but always with good and helpful critics.

My internship is only three months but I already feel that I’m at home there. The other interns and the members of the board are really nice people. Nevertheless, I will just talk a little bit about the other trainees because they are the people with whom I work everyday. João and Bruno were already working in there when I arrived (Bruno is working in a different entity but for me he is “one of us”). They really made me feel confortable and treated me with a lot of respect and friendship although I was new in the job and “just” a trainee. I have already learned a lot from both of them.

I like that we have little routines that make me feel like we are a “work family”: we always cook and have lunch together in the small (but very useful) kitchen, we always listen to the radio program “Mixórdia de Temáticas” together and we make tea everyday. These are just small examples of our daily routines that make me feel like I belong and make me appreciate my workplace.

There are two other trainees that started to work at the same time I did: Pedro and Rui. I can honestly say that we are good friends now. They already knew which other for three years, but they immediately made me feel part of the group. I really like to hang out with them, even outside of work. I find it very hard to describe them, but I will try. They like to read A LOT, they love to visit libraries and bookstores and they love to show the amazing number of authors they read… But what really characterizes them is the fact that they have an amazing sense of humour and they know it. Of course they are different from each other but I won’t say how because if I fail to do so I would be in big trouble.

Now that my classes have started again I am feeling really tired because I have to work and study at the same time. However, I know that I will miss this time for sure.


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