On Dating a Socialist Man

All that I am about to write is the truth about my relationship with a socialist boyfriend or my thoughts about it, but it doesn’t make it truth for all of the socialist boyfriends that there is or even every socialists men.

The best way to get to know a socialist man is in a party or dinner of a socialist party. I met Miguel for the first time at the 40th anniversary of Partido Socialista (PS) at the party’s headquarters. Such a cliché, I know. We took a picture together with some other common friends and the PS leader at the time.

As Miguel is studying in England (I know, very “socialist” of him… but I think we can forgive him if he choses to apply his knowledge into the right cause), we didn’t talk for over a year. One tricky part of getting to know a socialist man is that the political man is polite, and a socialist man is polite equally to everyone. So how can a girl know if he is being polite as usual, or an unusual-I-want-to-date-you kind of polite? About that I can only advice you socialist guys reading this: make your interest clear, or you will be running in circles for months.

If you want to spot a socialist guy in a room you may find this information useful. The normal conversation topics, especially if besides being a socialist guy he is also a true intellectual (not the wanna be kind, please), are the economy, the daily news, foreign policy, usually they will use a lot of acronyms that you may never heard about, they will say a lot of names of people that you feel like you should know but you don’t (usually names of their buddies that you will eventually meet and you will figure it out that it was just stupid to assume that you should have known their names before)… and obviously, they will talk about politics. A lot.on a conference

The clothes vary a lot, so I won’t dare to enter that territory, but the body language usually tells you that they are confident in themselves (even if they are not, please go along with the role play), that you should know their names, that they have been reading a lot and not sleeping at all and that they know the secret to the salvation of mankind: socialism.

Once you are dating a socialist man, most of your days together will be on the road from conference to conference, from campaign to campaign, from meeting to meeting or from dinner to dinner. You will get to know people from all over the country, from young boys and girls to elderly people from whom you can always count on a kind word on your beauty or intelligence (sadly, mostly beauty) and how lucky your socialist boyfriend is to have you. I have to admit that I love it. I love always running for the next big thing and to get to know amazing people.10649956_735187556528966_4607777230461422771_n

To date a socialist man is to wake up at the sound of “The Internationale” every morning because that is his alarm clock sound and to have a “Socialist Youth” flag above the bed (where people used to hang some religious symbol). To date a socialist boyfriend is to go to conferences on post-Keynesian economics just because he is part of the organization or on the Socialists Parties around Europe because he is the speaker (not complaining, knowledge is always good). It is to move to England and realising that all of your girl friends (that he introduces you to) are from the “Ladies of Labour” and that they are amazing…

The list goes on and on. But I want to give you two pieces of advices as well.

  • Just because you may be dating a strong-minded socialist man, don’t let yourself be his shadow. You deserve to have a strong voice of your own, and I know it is very hard when you are next to someone like him, but instead of “behind every great man there is a great woman”, I believe in “Next to a great woman there should be a great man”.
  • A socialist man can be that “great man” and it may be hard for them to put their egos aside and take the risk to ask you out, so give them some strength or be the one that makes the first move.

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