You know you are a Foodie when…

You know you are a Foodie when…

1-  You constantly think about your next meal

One of the main pleasures in your life is food. During the morning, at work or during your classes you anticipate the delicious lunch you are about to have and the same for the dinner, during the afternoon. Anticipating the pleasure of food can also happen when you are buying your groceries or cooking food, things that most people don’t appreciate doing.


2- Your high moment of the week/month is when you eat in a good restaurant or you make your favourite food

Whenever you have some extra money you like to go to a new restaurant and when you have some extra time to cook you like to do your favourite and more complex meals. Money and time are scarce and valuable resources, but you happily spend it on food.

3- You compare/grade a lot of things with food

You know you are a foodie when you say things like “Your hair smells even nicer than the pork ribs we had for dinner” (my bf actually said this to me once!), when you associate colours with fruit (other than orange, obviously) or even prices of general items with the food you could buy with that money. For instance I would totally say: “That is too expensive! With that amount of money I could buy two packs of cookies”.


4- When you eat out and sometimes you do it more for the food than for the company

This does not mean that you don’t enjoy the company! However, you take great pleasure out of going to new restaurants and try new kinds of food and a night out or a birthday party are the perfect excuse to spend an extra pound on it.

5- You love your Food Routines

You can’t get out in the morning without your typical breakfast or go to sleep without your cookies, tea or hot chocolate with milk. Your food routines are part of your day as it is your shower and you feel strange when, for some reason, you can’t do them. They give you comfort. It doesn’t have to be a daily routine, it can be a weekly Sunday brunch or a monthly visit to Mcdonalds.


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