On Dating an Economist

After the success of my post “On dating a Socialist Man”, I decided to write something similar on dating an economist. Some parts of this post will be based on my boyfriend, that studied PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and now is doing his Masters in Economy, but some parts are just my imagination.

If you want to find your perfect economist, you can meet several at the nearest economical conference, usually organized by economic faculties or students organizations. They will be the ones in the room that will ask elaborated questions that confuse you even more than the talk itself. Because there are a lot of different schools of economic thought, you should study some of them so that you prefer a Post-Keynesian economics kind of guy, or you are more into the Marxian type. You can also go for the Freshwater school or the Saltwater school fellow. You will have a lot of choice in terms of your economist guy, so choose wisely.

the-economistThe economist boyfriend will usually like to share their economical views as often as he can. By sharing economical news article on facebook (instead of that adorable photo he took with you), or having long discussions with his peers (instead of talking about something you can understand), everything is a good excuse to share his expertise and try to convince the world of his own economical point of view. (Ah! You can’t say that it is “just his point of view”, for him it is the unquestionable truth).

When you find you perfect economist guy and you start dating, a lot of simple conversations may became, lets say, a bit too technical… For instance, when my boyfriend and me talked about what marriage means to us, his approach was something like this “We have to try to understand the utility of a marriage, it is a mean to an end. The end is a happy life, but the marriage is just a utility!” For a romantic like me, this sounded seriously wrong. Can’t a marriage be an end itself as well? How can someone call it a utility? But he continued: “A marriage is just useful if it maximize its utility value”. What??

Dating an economist is waking up to the light of his laptop or tablet because he just can’t get out of bed before checking the economical related news of the day. It is trying to read his blog and economistpretend you agree with his point of you on the latest economical crisis (not because you don’t agree with it, but because you just don’t understand it or think it is too boring to even read it). Dating an economist is having to make a lot of decision as a couple taking in consideration the “opportunity cost” and the “maximization of added value” instead of just argue and finally let the woman decide as just any normal couple.

I suspect that my cause is a bit more serious because I do understand a bit of economy, but in any cause dating an economist requires high maintenance, a lot of patience and a lot of effort to try to keep up enthusiastically with his love for economy.


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